Extension of House in Vadum

This is an extension project of more than 100-year old house in Vadum, Denmark.


The clients wanted to add an extension to their old house - a living room, which would also add extra bedroom above it. So the added volume would connect to the old one. The problem was with the existing attic. It could not be used for any new functions. It would be also lower than the extension of the house. Finally, the structure of the old roof was in very poor condition.


In the meantime, clients complained a bit about their current bedroom and overall height of the slab between the floors.


In the end, we proposed quite a radical extension of the house, involving renovation, adaptation and extension into the design process, which resulted with this design. Walls are reinforced, the rood is new, the position of the majority of existing rooms has changed and new rooms have been added as well.


The design also involved deep sunlight and daylight factor analyses, as well as natural ventilation strategy, has been added.


As a final result project put a new life in the old walls while trying also to use a modern Danish architectural language which would fit strongly in context.

Project name

Extension of house in Vadum




Vadum, DK


2018 - ...


Awaiting for building permit


300 m²



Design team

Piotr Zbierajewski, Jesper Søndergaard