Let's talk about the price for a minute.

After all, it all comes to this in the end.

We know that usually, the house/building-related costs are one of the biggest for the wallet. Therefore, we are offering two types of approaches to cooperation with us.


First - we are presenting service packages which you can purchase. All of them are more or less giving some basic service options. Probably enough for most of the basic needs.

Second - we can create more complex projects which require much more work from us. In this case, you need to contact us regarding custom price estimation for our service.

Therefore, hereby we are presenting plans for a typical house project between 120-200m². Remember, larger or more complex projects might require custom pricing.

Design process


Price table.jpg

The Starter Plan is intended for people who are looking for a small architectural consultation. Maybe you want to consult the interior design, or you are preparing to buy a plot and you do not know if it really has the potential for a nice investment. Or maybe you are just looking for a small architectural consultation. Then this is the option for you!

The Basic Plan is intended for people who want to make larger investments, such as changing the purpose of one of the buildings on the plot (for example, from an agricultural building to the function of services), or who want to expand the house or renovate the house. As long as design needs are not more complex, this plan may be the optimal solution for you.

The PRO Plan is a comprehensive solution for people who are planning a larger investment, such as building a new house or major reconstruction of an existing one. The result is a much more complex project. In this case, we will start from scratch, doing a lot of analysis and going through a comprehensive, but at the same time simple design process. We will work on many concepts to get one final project at the end. As a result, you'll get a lot of drawing materials that will bring you closer to obtaining a building permit.

Design process

Building permit

Building permit.jpg

Building Permit refers to the municipalities' administrative approval needed for construction or expansion (including significant renovation). Since this is a much more complex procedure requiring more comprehensive documentation, this package is enriching Design packages to the needed, administrative level. It is important to underline, that just choosing any Design package will not give you enough material to receive a building permit! Therefore, to complete the project for the municipality, you will need those additional sets of drawings.



Other Costs means any additional cost not mentioned before. For example, if you don't have any basic documentation of the existing house/building/site/other which are needed at the beginning, we can try to get those for you. Maybe you need additional meetings which are not included in the packages above? Maybe you need additional supervision on the construction site? We are here for you. However, remember that those are additional costs!

Other, hidden work

While we love designing things, the design is only one part of what we do on a project. There is a lot of communication that happens behind the scenes. We refer to this as project administration and its duties are spread across all of the phases of work. This is also billed hourly and the estimate is included in the basic services fee.


We believe for a project to run smoothly open communication between everyone – Owner, Contractor, Architect, Consultants, Other Agencies - is extremely important. We pride ourselves on being open communicators and always responsive to your questions. These administrative processes are in place to make sure your project runs efficiently, on budget and on schedule.

Some examples of this project administration are:

  • Phone, text, e-mail correspondence

  • Owner meetings and presentations

  • Meeting agendas + minutes

  • Supervision of Specialists’ work (i.e. engineers) 

  • Coordination of Consultant’s work


Our estimated design fees include the architectural services outlined in the phases above. They do not, however, include any outside consultant fees or other soft costs. Depending on the specific requirements of a project we may request to involve an outside consultant on a case-by-case basis. 


Some examples of consultants we may involve on your project:


  • Structural engineer

  • Civil engineer

  • Soil scientist / geotechnician 

  • Surveyor

  • Landscape architect

  • Energy modeller

  • Electricity consultant


As the need for these specialized consultants arise, we will work together to select the right person for the job and define the added costs upfront.

How to control the costs?

We do recognize that designing a house or any building as well as interiors can be an expensive endeavour and we are happy to work with you to manage these costs. A couple of things to prioritize when thinking about how to effectively control design fees:


  1. Exploring more options, while a really enjoyable exercise for us, can get expensive quickly.

  2. Be upfront with your goals, likes and dislikes. Architects thrive on critical dialogue so do not be afraid to be direct and candid. Without an honest, open dialogue the process can take longer to arrive at something you are happy with.

  3. Match the size of your desired house/building/project with your budget. This keeps all parties working toward a singular goal. For example - it is much easier to work early on to define a realistic house size that meets your budget than to try and remove money from an oversized house during the pricing phase. Other examples: we advocate designing smaller, more energy-efficient + affordable floor plans as a starting point. It does not mean, however, that we are against bigger projects.

How the price and hourly rates are created?

XP Arkitektur believes that being transparent and honest creates a better environment for the architect-client relationship. This is why we want to explain why hour rates are priced in such a way, and not others.


Most of the price (more than 50%) is dictated by operating expenses of XP Arkitektur. In it, the majority covers only the software-related cost. Most of an architect’s programs cost around 5-digit numbers (DKK) a year for a single license of a single software.


However, this hourly rate is still low comparing to most of the other professions. For comparison, a typical, certified car workshop in Denmark has a price tag of 900 DKK per (man) hour of work (excluding car parts).